Colleen + Jordan | Married! Washington DC Wedding Photographer

Have you ever met a Bee Farmer? How about one who farms his bees on a rooftop in DC? Well, neither had I, until I met Jordan. One of the greatest parts about his wedding to Colleen was how they incorporated their craft into the details of their wedding. They had beeswax candles lighting their ceremony and reception, and even used their own honey for their HOT TODDY BAR! I don’t know if I’m more impressed that the had a hot toddy bar, or that they included their own honey in it?!? You can make your own decision on that one.

Both Jordan and his groomsmen flaunted bee cufflinks in the wedding, and Colleen wore the most amazing gown. Their children were both a very special part of the day and you really need to check out the winter details they mixed with their candles and cocktails. This wedding was one-of-a-kind and drop dead stunning to boot. It was held at the Carnegie Science Center (which I love, as every time I attend a wedding there, it always looks different!) and the centerpieces and greenery are DIVINE.


Congratulations to Jordan and Colleen and your sweet little family (and the bees!). Much love to you all!